Friday, 19 October 2012

The Chief Whip is Dead, long live the Chief Whip!

Alas, poor Mitchell, I knew him, Horatio...
At long last, the Chief Whip steeled (stole?) himself to write his resignation letter to his dear and fully supportive friend, the Prime Minister.  Now I don't know about you, but when I get back from a tiresome summit meeting in Brussels, I want to pop on my slippers and settle down to a nice cuppa, with proper milk.  Dave is probably of a like mind - however, our beloved Andrew had insisted in falling on his sword in person,  Perhaps he'd hoped that the PM would graciously decline to accept the selfless act of his long-standing and trusted friend.  Not a chance.  
Not only had Mr Mitchell completely misread how his tiresome insistence on maintaining a stubborn silence about what he actually DID say to the PCs on duty when he tried to crash the security gates to Downing Street, he kept on taking wrong turns at every stage for weeks.  He seemed to be hoping the story would go away.  Far from it - "Plebgate" stole the (subdued) thunder of the Party Conference, overshadowed every Government announcement, pursued the PM at every press gathering...
I suppose it should be a welcome indication that, even with the small army of political advisors, press officers, spin doctors and the like all plying their dubious trades in the Westminster village, our politicians can still be so blind to the screamingly obvious.
Ave atque vale, Mr Mitchell.  Make your way to the back benches to sit with the other pl*bs.
Congratulations, Rt Hon Sir George Young, Bt.  Nice bloke.  Safe pair of hands.  Right stuff.

Monday, 8 October 2012

From little acorns

Aha!  The Brookster enters the blogosphere, as instructed by his sis who took the opportunity, whilst waiting for a taxi in Dubai, to spur me into action.  Dubai must be very boring...